Seeing Prayer in CPR Training

We recently hosted a CPR and First Aid training for our staff at the home. The steps to the process were wonderfully parallel to our mission heart. There was one step in particular that kept grabbing our attention. “Call for help.”

The new guidelines for CPR start out as follows: 1) tap the shoulders of the patient and determine if they’re alert; then 2) call out for help, yelling “help, help, someone help!” or “help, someone call 911!” It is only after that when the person treating the woman down would begin the rest of the process. 

Certainly those next steps are a great metaphor to the work done in our home. We hope to revive the heart and breathe life back into the women we serve. But, before that can begin, we have got to pray. We need to call out for help

At Refuge for Women, we believe calling out for help—meaning getting on our knees to petition our Creator and Healer God on behalf of the women—is paramount. 

In case of an emergency, we will of course be following the guidelines of appropriate first aid. But metaphorically, God used our CPR training to remind us that before we can begin treatment with our girls, we must cry out to God in prayer. He knows their needs better than we do. 

If you would like to join us in regular prayer for the program and our residents, we need a chorus of people calling out to God for help. CLICK HERE to sign up for our prayer team.