How appropriate that we find ourselves on the cusp of opening our home right as the Advent season begins. The days in December that lead up to the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, are to be filled with a growing sense of anticipation. Something’s coming. Something new is about to change everything. 

That’s how we find ourselves feeling about opening our doors for girls to find a safe place for healing. Our anticipation is building. We are eager for these girls to have a place to meet Jesus and for Him to change everything for them. 

When Christ was born he brought hope and peace to those on earth. Our prayer for this home is that the girls we welcome in our home will feel those very things. Hope. Peace. Love. Healing. 

Christ is coming. Advent is a great reminder for us to have an attitude of expectation, of anticipation. We pray expectantly that Christ will be born into the hearts of our residents, and into their lives. 

As you celebrate this Advent season, please remember us in your prayers and ask God to bring His hope and peace to the women we will serve.