When a Community Stands Up

Photo: Creative Commons/Rebecca Siegel

Photo: Creative Commons/Rebecca Siegel

Refuge for Women North Texas finds itself being birthed in the midst of an incredible community. I hope you North Texas residents know how special you are. 

Back in September, Vision Ministries hosted a month long community education outreach forum to raise awareness about human sex trafficking. Hundreds of people from the North Texas area came to hear and to learn. Apart from God at work, that just doesn’t happen folks. He is the One stirring hearts in our community to fight this injustice. Not a single other city where The Refuge has a home has ever done anything like this. 

There is a groundswell happening here in our area. A year ago in Denton, most people in the community would have likely said: “Trafficking? Ya, I’ve heard of that happening overseas.” But the horrible reality is that it’s happening right here in Denton County. After the wonderful work that Vision Ministries did, people around here are now informed and inspired to stand up and fight. 

There are many angles to this twisted world of sex trafficking which all need fighters. The front line ministries are meeting needs of those still suffering the abuse. The safe houses are standing in the gap for those who’ve been rescued. Refuge for Women is coming alongside the victims for long-term, healing aftercare. God is rising up an army in Denton County to fight.

Today, we are feeling grateful for this community. We recognize that God has brought this issue to light in our area for a reason… we have a lot of work ahead of us to love and care for the girls our home will take in. It’s going to take all of us standing up together.